Back in Action

I stumbled across my blog the other day. Wondering why I hadn’t been writing, I decided to try and pick it back up. The hardest thing was trying to find something to write about. Most of what is being highlighted in todays social media concerns the political struggles with social injustice, gay marriage, new laws banning certain people groups from establishments, religious turmoil in the middle east, etc. Yes, I could jump on the bandwagon and toot my horn to the beat of the drums thousands of people are currently playing but what would it solve? Nothing. But then again, I could write about my own life, what’s been happening with me, where I’ve come from in the last year and what struggles I’ve overcome through it all. But do you care to listen? Probably not and thats okay, I’m not writing this to hook you into my pool of readers, if I have any that is but to more inform you about life so you can see it through my eyes and hopefully take something from it.

I’ve come a long ways since graduating college. I don’t have a job in the profession I studied nor did I want one. Now, that desire changed through my time of “wondering.” Living in a third world country for two years, moved to Indianapolis for 8 months, got marriage *hallelujah*, moved to N.C. to follow this passion in my heart to change lives of college students. At some point you have to grow up, leave neverland and peter pan to keep doing what they do best and return to the real world. See, I don’t believe that. It was Jesus who said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will not inherit the kingdom of God.” We grow up and become more seasoned in years but it’s not about your biological time clock but more the position of your heart and faith. Having the heart of a child to be directed and counseled by Jesus is where we should live.

I live in this life but my hope is not in the life. I’m found in God, both spiritually as my spirit intertwines with the HG as I learn and grow from within and physically as I’m changed into the likeness of Christ. What happens on the inside is magnified on the outside. This is for everyone. Not just those who seem holier than thou, Christ died for all. Everything, every weight, desire and fear is taken off of us and put on Jesus. He takes what we don’t need, upon himself so we can walk in freedom. Life itself isn’t hard. We make it hard by doing things outside of our inheritance, trying to become something we were never created to be in the first place.

We are God’s children. Created in the likeness of Him so everything we are reflects the one who made us. We’re unique and different both inside and out. From our feet to our head and God calls to us by name.


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