From Past to Future

98-degree weather, hot humid dusty roads, crazy public transportation systems, chickens, cows and other various types of live stock roaming the open roads with the cars, bikes and buses that travel daily with people of all walks of life, ages, and beliefs. Volcanoes create a silhouette of a majestic creator as they paint the background of the horizon as the sun sets in the pacific, displaying the unique colors of a painter who paints with the sky as His canvas. We call this place the land of lakes & volcanoes; a one of a kind place that lies in the heart of Central America. The poorest country present in this chain of revolution, tragedy and triumph, containing both the happiness and sadness of a people striving to make it through life, the hope of a kid becoming more than his parents ever dreamed, and the lost coming to the realization of their eternal father for the first time. Happiness flows out of this place in different ways that we are accustom to but it’s happiness nonetheless. This place was my home for 18 months of my life. I grew to love it like my own, being transformed by those around me, seeing the simplicity of life made easy as children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, brothers and sisters lived in harmony making ever sure they were present to support those around them. The bonds created I will carry the rest of my life.

Traveling to the market to get the weekly soap to wash my clothes, by hand, knowing the machines I used to use would make things so much easier. Seeing the business of the city, as people buzzed from one appointment to another. People trying to sell everything they had in front of them, to either make their daily quota or to provide the money needed to support their family. People, cars, fumes from the cars, dogs, cattle are everywhere. It’s a beautiful combination of extremes thrown in the same pot to form a beautiful goulash of God’s creation. Out of the ordinary for some but right at home with me.   I know how it can come off as different and difficult to understand, those things we’re not use to but I’ve learned that with an open heart and an open mind, we can engage those around us, learning about them as they learn about us. Iron sharpens iron.

I often think back on all this, having moments where I feel as if I’m there, recollecting the emotions I had felt or the smells and tastes I was experiencing and it sends my heart into overload. I know I’m not there, patience is the essence of life and mastering that will take the rest of my years on planet earth. It’s so easy to run and jump on a plane that’ll take me 6 hours away to this land I love so much but it’s one thing to go and another to be sent. God calls us to these places we’re afraid of or uncomfortable with in order for us to place our trust and life in His hands.  With Him in control, there is no fear of being led astray. We live a life unafraid of what’s to come but welcome it with open arms.

Marriage and love, flowing out of the desires of God’s heart for us unto a people starving to see His face is our life. Amy and I live to love those around us through the love she and I share with the Lord. That overflowing love poured out unto the less fortunate and dying. Nicaragua is our future home, we cannot wait!


One thought on “From Past to Future

  1. Brandon I will love you no matter where the Lord sends you. We are so very aware of the love you share with the people because of the love we have received from you. The word PROUD is not sufficient to express how we feel about the sharing of the LORD that you do. We feel that you was a gift from God sent to share with us and the world how wonderful JESUS CHRIST is when we share a relationship with him. Always remember your AUNT SHERRY and AUNT Wanda always love you and believe in your purpose.

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