So Small

Flying at night can be a special euphoric moment for those who have the courage to look out the window.  Like those sweet summer nights when the clouds retreat back and you’re left with a heavenly performance of stars as they begin to dance before you, flying is one of those things that suspends time and leaves you floating (literally).  One thing that always bugged me when I rode on a plane was that you could never look up to see the stars.  I would always try but the awkwardness of the seats and the position of the windows prohibited it.  I went to school in the mountains of North Carolina where stars and galaxies were an everyday occurrence as you stood on the peak of some mountain looking up to the heavens on a clear night.  I often think back on what God was doing when He first created the heavens and the earth.  The Bible says that God knows every star in the sky and calls them by name (Psalm 147:4).

A little overwhelming and humbling if you ask me.  God, the creator of earth and heaven, seen and unseen, majestic and unique knows every star in the night sky but more importantly knows my name and yours.  I often forget this ever so big attribute of God.

Isaiah 49:16 – “Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me.”

Looking up to the thick sea of blackness called “night” God created on the first day seeing the beauty it holds, I see how truly small I am.  I’ve talked with countless college students whose number one goal in life was to make people notice them either through clothing styles, sports or careers.  The things we think people are prone to notice more in our lives.  We struggle to make ourselves known in a world of billions because we’re trying to impress the wrong people.  We are small, but God is so much bigger!

As I sit waiting for the plane to take off, I peer out the window at the creation of God I know and love.  Seeing the things as they are reminds me of where I am in life.  Birds flying overhead, the clouds moving at no ones pace but theirs, the breeze moving the trees in an elegant style of dancing only known to the spiritual realms of life.  There’s nothing that’ll change my course or who I am except God.  I’m content with where I’m at.  The plane begins down the runway, gaining speed with every second and just at the right moment, lifts off the ground and begins to climb higher and higher.  What were once big cities and buildings, skyscrapers, towns, houses, homes and schools are reduced to blurred outlines of their former selves that resembled the sands of the seas, sitting nicely in the palm of my hand.  I’m on top of the world but once something comes up, it eventually comes down.

As I sat there flying 600 MPH at 31,000 feet, I realized there’s never a median.

There is no median in this world.  We cannot attain a status that will surpass the creations of God nor will we ascend to the right hand of the creator.  We were created for another purpose, to be the people God took time to invest in, to create a relationship with that’ll confound the most brilliant minds of today.  We are 100% without a shadow of a doubt dependent on the Lord!

As you gaze into the heavens on a starry night or look down at the world through the double plated window of a plane, there remains that constant reminder of how small we are as the people who inhabit the earth.  As Children created by the Maker of Heaven, King of Kings, Jehovah Rafa, etc. etc. we have a duty to rely on God.  God made us so uniquely that angels look curiously at this relationship we share with their master.

You see, as small as you may think you are, you’re probably right.  God is a big God and it can be a little hard to visualize the impact we could have in God’s story but God, being as big as he is, knows us intimately and uniquely and has such a beautiful place of honor reserved for you in His courts.  The Father of all, everything you see, is looking directly past our mistakes and failures to the center of our being where we are small children reliantly following after Him hand in hand.


One thought on “So Small

  1. I received this. I am glad I was able to find out and fix the problem. Thank you Brandon!

    Sam Lynch God Bless You In God We Trust

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